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through design

I Design & Prototype digital products.
bungalow Relaunch Website

Showing analog installation in a digital world

My Role

  • Concept
  • Website

My Tools

  • Pen & Paper
  • Sketch
  • After Effects
01/02 Summary

Bungalow is a floral design installation studio. They create installation art made from thousands of real flowers, suspended with copper wire. Exploring the relationship between humanity and nature, Bungalow transforms art galleries, museums, and other public spaces into immersive indoor gardens.

02/02 Approach

Showing the artistic lightness

The new Bungalow website has a light design with lots of white space and large pictures. A copper coloured wire element is used as a design element to highlight the technology of Bungalow. The website has a minimalist structure and gives the user a good insight into the projects with many pictures and videos to make the exhibition closer.