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I Design & Prototype digital products.
Insel Berlin Website Relaunch

Deepened customer interaction while saving the team's precious time

My Role

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  • Design
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My Tools

  • Pen & paper
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01/08 Summary

INSEL BERLIN hired me to create a new website. The new website should attract customers and provide information about cultural events. The user should also have the opportunity to directly reserve rooms or the garden for personal events. Prior to the project, the booking request process was very time-consuming for the INSEL BERLIN team.
The main anticipated benefit was to optimize and automate the booking process to free up the team's valuable time.

02/08 Insel Berlin

An island in the middle of Berlin

INSEL BERLIN is a relaxed place where you can sit in the beer garden in the evening, meet friends, watch open-air movies or rent the space and organize events. INSEL BERLIN has three rooms and a large garden for rent.

03/08 Problem Statement

Daily challenges, which need to be improved

I conducted a workshop with the INSEL BERLIN team to elicit problems that they want to have solved with the new website. We focused on customer pain-points and "time-wasters" that led to a lot of phone calls and email traffic every day and thus prevented the INSEL BERLIN team from doing their actual work. This is a short list of problems we tackled with this project:

  • Adjusting opening hours of the garden depending on weather and business conditions
  • Customers couldn't tell whether the location is open or not
  • A manageable calendar of events is missing. Letting customers know what's on was cumbersome/impossible
  • The users have no overview of the rooms and their location in the building. It was hard for them to imagine how the location could satisfy their event needs without talking it through on the phone.
  • Customers have no information on the availability of room, leading to frustration and unnecessary calls
  • INSEL BERLIN team entered all room availability manually on the website, a lengthy and error-prone process

A new look for INSEL BERLIN

A colleague designed a new and expressive logo. Based on the new logo and our workshop results I designed interface elements and icons for the new website. Furthermore, I created an illustration of the INSEL BERLIN building to help the user find orientation in the building. A design system helps to maintain flexibility throughout the design workflow.

05/08 Home Page

Culture is one of the most
important topics for INSEL BERLIN

Upcoming events, news, and offers are anchored in the big slider. The boxes adapt to the color of the images and can be quickly filled via the CMS.
In the second part of the culture page ("Kultur"), a large and clear calendar follows.

06/08 rental site

Rent Yourself an Island

On the rental page ("Vermietung"), you can get all the information you need if you want to organize an event on INSEL BERLIN. An interactive graphic shows which rooms can be rented and where they are located in the building. Each room has its subpage and provides the user with all the details he needs to complete a request.

07/08 CMS

Seasonal Mode

Since operations are weather-dependent and no events take place in winter, there are two versions of the Culture Page between which it is possible to switch quickly in the CMS.

In the winter season events are omitted and the focus is more on the Winter Café.

The availability of specific event rooms can be checked in the calendar

An essential feature of the website is the availability calendar. This calendar is synchronized with the Google Calendar of the INSEL BERLIN team, which has been used before. So the INSEL BERLIN team has no maintenance effort at all and save a lot of time.


Planning the Opening Hours

The opening hours of the garden depend on the season and weather, which requires flexibility and fast & easy editing capabilities to make sure that the information is up-to-date.
At least once a week, the opening hours are planned and entered in the CMS. Context-specific messages are displayed automatically depending on the set time: when closed, just before opening and while the location is open. The team therefore communicates exactly the messages that customers need to receive. The team also has the opportunity to incorporate "appetizers" in their messages to attract customers more directly.

08/08 Credits

INSEL BERLIN Logo was designed by Linn Legros.
Website was developed by Gordan Ratkovic.

Visit Linn's website.
Get in touch with Gordan.