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I Design & Prototype digital products.
Kämpfe Elektronik Website & Company Portal

Transforming a contract manufacturer's digital identity

My Role

  • Strategy
  • Webdesign

My Tools

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Sketch
  • After Effects

Worked With

  • Jamie Hunter
01/04 Summary

Kämpfe Elektronik is small-midsize electronics manufacturer that creates the centerpiece of innovative products for a wide range of applications. The manufacturing process involves highly precise machine work as well as manual steps, with highest attention to details. The company provides contract manufacturing from prototypes to the series products as a service.

My task was to create a branding experience as part of the modernization and digitization of the entire company. In collaboration with a brand designer, I translated the new digital "me" of Kämpfe Elektronik into an experience for employees and existing and potential customers.

I facilitated the digital transformation through a UX/UI strategy.

02/04 Problem statement

An authentic brand relaunch

The purpose in relaunching the website was to create a new and modern, easy-to-use interface that reflects the modernity and professionalism of Kämpfe Elektronik. As part of the internal digitization effort, I helped the company to set up an internal portal for workflow management, collaboration and business analytics.

There were two main challenges:

  • to create a user experience that conveys the ambitions while still remaining "down to earth". We did not want to scare/confuse employees or the existing customer base or to convey a "too hipp" for the rather conservative market environment
  • the commodity nature of the company's services, which bears the potential for differentiation through UX, if it's done right.
03/04 Solution

The path from brand values to UX/UI strategy
to a universal UX-kit

I helped the Kämpfe Elektronik team to translate the brand strategy with its corporate values "honesty", "transparency", "empathy", "passion", "curiosity" and "creativity" into a uniform user experience. Based on the UX/UI strategy, I created set of design rules and UI elements to form a UX-kit.

We iteratively applied the UX-kit to the website and portal which led to a deeper understanding of how to communicate the brand within the Kämpfe Team. Hence the result was not only a website and company portal but a true learning experience for the client.

04/04 credits

Logo by Linn Legros.
Website development by Jamie Hunter.

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